Thursday, July 19, 2012

Barcelona, Texans and a Couple of Spices

{yoo-hoo, anyone in there?}
We're off to Barcelona this weekend where we're meeting Texas Bestie A and her family. We have plans to see it all.

Top on the list for the Middlest is the chocolate museum.

Ma Fille can't wait to go to stay up late giggling and shrieking with her Texas Bestie, a smaller version of mine.

And the Littlest, well, he just wants to spread his Littlest-ness beyond borders.
Look out Spain.

P-Daddy is happy too because A's husband is his very own Bestie, Bestie B.

We're talking friends since the 70s, Christmas picture from when they were five, sitting together by the fire in their corduroy pants with cowlick hair (the Littlest comes by it honestly) and buck teeth, smiling out at the camera not knowing they'd someday be married to the most fabulous women, have kids the same ages, and spend long weekends together in Spain.

Not too shabby, little P-Daddy and Bestie B. You've done well for yourselves.

Please tweet me if you have any great ideas of things to do in Barcelona. We can't spend our entire time at the chocolate museum now can we?

You may be wondering about my darlin' Clementine and what she'll be doing while we're off on our Spanish road trip adventure. We will miss her so, so much but don't fret. She'll be taken very good care of over at the French nounou's house with her pals, Biscotte et Champagne. You remember how much fun she had last time, don't you?

{i'll have a holiday of my own. bisous suckers!}

I'll share photos of the trip on Instagram @aidanlarson like I did in Venice. Or, you can follow along here.
{there will be more of this, only they're bigger now}

 But that's not all, no that's not all.

I am very proud and delighted to tell you that you can find me over at spicy Canadian couple Ginger & Nutmeg's blog today.
I've whipped up a delicious summer French lunch menu for you over there with recipes and photos.
Check it out.

I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week.


  1. Have a fantastic time! What a lot of happiness in this post--good times ahead for sure. Bopping over to your guest post now...

    Bisous à Clementine!

    1. PS I left a blog award for you over at my place!

  2. Oh, my favorite city!!! There is this cerveceria... :) But don't miss Park Guell! And eat lots of ice cream to keep cool! (Oh I'm jealous, chocolate museum, Barcelona, I wish you a fabulous trip!)

  3. Have a great time and enjoy time with your friends! Isn't it so wonderful to reconnect with longtime friends!!

  4. Have a great time and enjoy being with your Besties. I like your lunch over at Ginger & Nutmeg; it would be perfect for a warm sunny day on the terrace.

  5. Have a great time in Barcelona! I have been, but I don't have any recommendations. I spent my entire trip on the beach with my friend tanning and drinking mojitos a guy named Elvis made in the trunk of his car. : )

    How fabulous that you are taking a ROAD trip to Spain. The glamour of having such easy access to the other countries has yet to fade. I don't think it ever will! Bon w-e!

  6. Can't wait to hear about what you do. We are going to Barcelona in a couple of weeks. So looking forward to it. Have a lovely time with your friends!

  7. Take the red and blue busses, you can hop off and on, it is a great way to see the city and also a way to rest up abitmwhen tired. just walk around the Los Ramblos and check out Antonio Gaudis buildings and park.
    The Sagrada Famillia will take your breath away. Have fun, we sure did.

  8. Have a wonderful trip! We loved Barcelona, especially the Magic Fountain (a must, the kids will love it and you'll be impressed too) and the Sagrada Familia. If you get bored I've got those two posts on what we did while we were there Apr 2011. Drive safe and see you soon! x x

  9. Enjoy Barcelona! Looking forward to reading about your trip! ~Melanie

  10. Hello Aidan

    Beautiful Heather from Lost in Arles bestowed us with an award today.
    I am glad to be introduced to you and as your new follower shall look forward to reading all about your Barcelona trip.

    Helen xx


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