Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Fifteen Minutes Took 30+ Hours

I've been a bit incommunicado these past weeks and now I can tell you why. I'm exhausted! But totally excited to share this news with you.

We've just spent a weekend with some fantastic people and learned a thing or two about what a long time it takes to get enough footage to make a good half hour of television.

{Middlest & Ma Fille playing show business}

I'm happy to say that we loved every minute of it. And it was all down to Kim, Mike and Joe and the help of the child-wrangling PA, Lucie. Thank you, thank you!

Our kids cried big, wobbly tears when we said our goodbyes.

{When I Grow Up...}

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that none of us will ever forget. I even fancied myself quite the television star there for a while, confiding in P-Daddy that I might like to try my hand at commercials after all this. Alas, my starry notions tumbled back to Earth when I remembered that to succeed in television you have to rock the singles.

{Thanks Mike and Joe!}
Singles are when the camera focuses directly or 'singly' on you while you're talking. Thanks to timidity or self-consciousness, I like to hide behind this blog and take time with my words, as soon as I knew that big, heavy camera was clocking me I'd get all gu-gu, gu-gu bajiggety.

P-Daddy, on the other hand, became more eloquent and verbose as we went, throwing down all sorts of round about full sentences and insightful commentary. And getting more than his fair share of singles, I'm sure.

Oh, stardust, you're such a fickle mistress.

All that work and energy and now we wait. Our fate is in the hands of the editors (you're all so brilliant, now be kind to me) who will cut and splice, alter and perfect, whittle and tease all those tireless hours down to 22 minutes of show.

{Girls Behind the Lens}
Fellow Americans, I am counting on you. When you see our happy faces on the previews of your favorite Home and Garden network in a couple of months, please let me know.

{Full Crew}
Until then, I'll have to be patient and reminisce, dreaming of the stolen few days when the spotlight shone squarely on me.
Gu-gu, gu-gu, uhm....'is it rain-ing? I had-n't no-ticed.'


  1. wait a minute...rewind....what show is this for? What's going on. Spill!

  2. This is amazing. And this is when I wish i had American TV at my fingertips!!! How exciting!!! I can't wait to hear how it turns out.

    1. me too! i won't know until it airs but after that i'll get a link i can share with you all. if it looks ok, that is.
      a xo

  3. Woo hoo! You're famous!
    I'm with you on the camera - I get a big red blush that I feel climbing up my neck to my ears, until they feel like flashing red traffic lights. Embarrassing. I have a face for radio :)
    Looking forward to seeing this when it comes out (it will be online somewhere, won't it?)

  4. Here she is! A celebrity! Congratulations to you and the whole family. I can't wait to see you all on TV in a few months. Make sure you give us all the details well in advance... How exciting! Félicitations, Aidan. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. How fun for you and the family!

  6. That sounds an interesting experience.

    I would be hopeless before a camera too. Too self-conscious.

  7. Ohh, you'll have to post when you know the air date so that I can set the Slingbox to record it!! :)

  8. please do share the link!!! I am suspecting that you will be on House Hunters International??? I used to watch it all the time until we decided to decrease our cable bill and now don't get as many channels.

  9. Very cool! We will definitely be watching the network, one of our favorites to see when your show airs!

  10. How exciting! We were filmed by the local TV station when we moved into our house. I was rubbish on camera. AND I fell up the stairs while being filmed. Thankfully they didn't show that bit!

  11. Oh my, you made me laugh with your last line!!! An incredibly awkward moment in an otherwise great film!

    I am sure you did faboo and can't wait to hear more...

  12. Wow! What a great experience. Love that photo of your girls. Gorgeous.

  13. I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see this!
    And I just know that that little thing you said about how much time you spend somewhere will be in it! It's television gold! xx

    1. Oh, I hope not! But it's probably inevitable.
      aidan xo


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