Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Little Bird Family

We have a nest of baby birds tucked safely away in the tiles of our terrace eaves. You can hear their tiny squeaks.

Every day the proud parents keep watch from all around the garden. That's what I have decided is the Mommy up there in the pine tree.

And the proud Papa sitting on our terrace railing.

I snapped these photos of them taking turns feeding the hidden babies. I love how he's watching over the situation, making sure it all goes down well.

And here they both are flying in to keep guard from the top of the tiles.

 The Papa flies in with a juicy worm, wings spread.

 Anyone have an idea what kind of birds we have living on the terrace with us?


  1. Maybe martins? We have them too, and one fell out of the nest! It was so tiny and only had fluff. We put it in a box and taped it to the wall as close to the nest as possible, and one day later the box was empty, so we're pretty sure mama took it back up to the nest. Phew. Love that last shot, it's fantastic!

  2. There so cute! I don't know what kind of birds they are though. We have been enjoying the birds who hang out all day in our garden trees. They sing the most beautiful songs to me during the day and at night we have acquired an owl!

    1. oh, i'd love to have an owl hooting in the back garden. how nice. we have bats that speed across the pool at dusk eating mosquitos! they're fun to watch. and we are thankful too!

    2. Bats are cool! We've seen a few, too at dusk. It's all apart of the magic of living here :) Provence rocks!

  3. It's a bit difficult to tell but is it a nuthatch? But aren't they a great way to wind down?


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