Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award Fall Edition

Dear Sara, you stylish girl in your cute brown boy booties, how I love you....

but now I've got to come up with seven of my own stylish ideas for this fall/autumn season. I've been thinking about it a bit but it's kinda hard seeing as we are having Texas fall temperatures and I'm still wearing my sandals and tank tops. But, here it goes...oh, I'm so stylish!

1) I have discovered the wonderfully fun and addictive Pinterest and if you've never checked it out I have to warn you, it can suck you into a time warp, send you into unchartered interweb territory, thrill you with the amount of loveliness out there and make you dream like you're a little girl again. I made the mistake of putting it on my phone and Ipad and now I can get lost anywhere I like; waiting for the school bell to ring, sitting in the doctor's office, on the sofa while tuning out Mon Mari's incessant American football, when I'm supposed to be doing something else more important like cooking dinner.'s right over there. The little red button.

2) It is thanks to Pinterest that I can tell you about this next website that is super fun. It's called Polyvore and what do is create your own 'looks'. Or outfits as I like to call them. You search, click and move the things you like onto a blank page, rearrange, delete; swap a thick belt for a thinner one say, or go for those chandelier earrings you wouldn't normally wear. It's like those wooden and magnetic dress up dolls but virtual and way more cool because you get to play with expensive handbags and shoes.

3) I read an article in Red magazine's October issue singing the happy joys of wearing thick tights. When you live in a cold, damp climate like in the UK and Ireland you are used to wearing thick wooly leg wear. Being from a place where we only get to break out our J Crew rollneck sweaters for one weekend a year and a winter coat can last until the end of time because it rarely sees the light of day, thick tights aren't what I'm used to. When I lived in Ireland I wanted to wear dresses and skirts with tights but I always felt so dressed up. Therefore, an autumn goal is to embrace woolen tights and to wear them like they're just another pair of jeans or leggings, casually and with wild abandon. Check out Red's online site and shop, it really couldn't be more fun.

4) I'm rekindling my Seasonal Sundays, stylishly sharing delicious recipes and photos from my kitchen. And I'll wear tights while I do it.

5) Today at La Poste I ran into Mme. Avion. She's a younger version of the famously stylish and beautiful In├Ęs de la Fressange and so I always look to her for little tips here and there. This morning she told me that she was off to the esth├ęticienne. Ah, oui? So that's how it works. I asked her where and with a stylish flip of her curly bob she replied, 'Yves Rocher, have you never been?' Another French beauty secret revealed. I am booking my appointment for the Anti-Age facial tout de suite.
and then I will look like this

6) My boys are currently obsessed with collecting sticks and shells and stones. They pick them up and bring them home in grubby hands and little pockets for me to discover all over the house and when I do the laundry. I decided not to fight it and made a small montage of shells and stones on the mantle beside my new orange clock that I bought on the Provence Death March with K. These are the ones that made it....the rest I usually throw out the window.

herbs, shells, stones & clock
7) And finally, here's what I got from Sara for my birthday.

My summer look...

And for autumn...

Now to those of you who I'd like to bestow the Stylish Blogger Award. Please give us seven of your stylish tips for the Fall/Autumn season. Drumroll please.....

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  1. Congratulations, it is always fun to receive an award and you certainly deserve it!

  2. Holy cow, thanks Aidan! (Now must figure out how to mix "stylish" and "six months pregnant", can it be done? Maybe with thick tights...)

  3. Great tips. I too now need to make my appointment at Yves Rocher! Geesh, age catching up with you really bites the big one! Regarding the B-day present from Sara, I'm down with the summer look:)

  4. I know you're going to try and steal my booties!
    2) I call them outfits too... except I swear, up until about ten years ago, I thought it was 'alphet'... you may make fun of me.
    3) please save that Red Magazine for me... pretty pretty please
    4) YEAH for Seasonal Sundays!! I love them!
    7) I give awesome presents... just saying
    P.S. Love you too!

  5. Oh man Aidan. I'm staying away from Pinterest. I just can't even start! As for stylishness, I've forgotten what that is. I used to have it going on..but I'm no longer on my game. But I will do my best to remember. Maybe this is my wake up call....a style intervention so to speak. Thank you Aidan. I'm going to have to seriously think about this.

    And yes, Sara, you give awesome presents.

  6. You have addicted me to pinterest!!!! ACK!!!!


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