Friday, October 7, 2011

Gurley, Gurley

resting in the sun
Clementine is growing. We are all entirely smitten and none of us can imagine a time when she wasn't a member of our family. She plays and goes all wild hootenanny with the Middlest, gently holds onto the edge of the Littlest's t-shirt with her teeth as they walk around together like her version of holding hands and runs up and down our street with Ma Fille.

All this dog love will seem funny to some people because I have a reputation for not liking dogs. It's a valid reputation because I used to not. At all. I used to always say, 'I like dogs--just not the licking, jumping and the smell.'
The other day I was petting Clementine and I said to Mon Mari, 'You know, I always thought dogs smelled and licked but Clementine's different.' And he replied, 'She's not different. You just don't notice because you love her.' Aww..and it's true. I do.
This morning when we went for our 'big walk' she rubbed her face in the wild daisies and tall grass lining the path. And she dug in her heels when we got to the wood slatted pedestrian bridge arching over a busy road, all those whizzing cars and trucks scaring her.
The Littlest calls her 'gurley, gurley' and so she is; our sweet Gurley, Gurley.


  1. aw, she looks adorable! and yes, most dogs smell, lick and even fart.

  2. Again, I have puppy envy. Is Clementine coming to the lunch? haha I know, but one can only hope!

  3. Well that's a face you couldn't help but love :)

  4. She is so beautiful. I don't consider myself a dog person - I'm with you, I like ones that don't lick, or jump, or slobber, or shed hair (haha) but I think i could easily love your gurley-gurley.


  5. Awww, love!! She's so gorgeous!

  6. You're hooked now Aidan. There's something so wonderfully childlike about a dog. At the same time they are sage. It's a wonderful mix and I miss mine so much. My cat is cool....but he doesn't take the place of a gurly.


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