Sunday, December 12, 2010

Seasonal Sunday--Endive, Leek & Potato Soup

endives, leek and potatoes
I love endive. In my opinion it's a much neglected vegetable. Sleek, crunchy and the loveliest shades of green. You've probably eaten it in salads, especially those that come pre-washed in bags, and you might not have even noticed it. It's fantastic with bleu cheese and pears, shavings of parmesan and olive oil and as a healthy alternative to chips and crackers as a dip scooper.
I decided to cook it in a soup for two reasons: 1) Nigella has a great recipe for braised baby gem lettuces that we love in our family so it's not weird to cook lettuce and 2) I have a seasonal French cookbook that features endive braised in butter and cream. Not much of a stretch then to cook it with potatoes and leeks for a warm, thick winter soup.
aren't they pretty?
time for the stock
We had it for lunch today with drops of soft chevre and baguette alongside salt & pepper duck breasts and sauteed haricots verts.

Endive, Leek & Potato Soup

olive oil, drizzle
nob or 1 tblsp butter
2 heads endive, rinsed and coarsely chopped
1 large leek, white and light green parts, coarsely chopped
3-4 medium potatoes
chicken or vegetable stock, enough to cover vegetables
salt and pepper to taste
soft goat cheese and fresh baguette to serve

Wash the leek carefully. Leeks are terrible for hiding dirt. I cut them lengthwise and spread apart the layers under running water and then coarsely chop and rinse under water in a sieve.
Wash and chop endive.
Peel potatoes and cube.

Warm olive oil and melt butter in a soup pot. Add washed and chopped leeks and endive. Let cook for a few minutes over medium heat until soft and translucent. Add potatoes and cook for a few minutes more. Then add enough chicken stock to cover vegetables and bring to a slight simmer. Stir occasionally and when potatoes feel soft, turn down heat and season with salt and pepper. You can leave it covered and on low heat like this for as long as you like. When you're ready to eat puree a bit with your trusty hand-held blitzer. I like to leave a few chunky bits of potato for texture but as you like.
bon apetit!
 Serve with drops of soft, creamy goat cheese.


  1. Leeks, endives and potatoes are such good veggies for these long winter days.
    Looks like a super recipe.

  2. Aidan, Even though I never cook for myself on Sundays anymore, it's still a warm fuzzy and I love when you cook for me! This sounds delicious and easy. I might try this BEFORE I get around to those eggs. In fact, it will be my project for tomorrow. I LOVE soup. Hope you are all well!

  3. I love endive-though I think I've only had it in salads. It's so hard to find here though, & when I do find it, it is really expensive!

  4. That sounds divine Aidan. Especially with the goat's cheese!

  5. I've been making potato leek soup every couple of weeks since it got cold. Next time I'll add endive to it :-)

    And endive is a great dip scooper! x

  6. Dedene,
    And it's really quick and easy. I hope you try it.

    Hi! I have missed you. I hope you make the can add lardons at the beginning for an extra boost of flavor.

    I'll bet it's expensive in Hawaii! But you have so many other lovely things to eat there year-round. What's seasonal there now?

    Still working on that stocking....divine and easy. I made it more decadent by adding picard's frozen foie gras sauce disks.

    How was your raclette Sat? I love the Rachel Allen potato leek recipe and so does the fam.

    thanks all ya'll,
    a x

  7. You know, I might just end up coming to lunch everyday...


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