Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Expats Blog Contest

Do you remember my tell-all interview (I'm feeling very dramatic today aren't I?) over on Expats Blog a couple of weeks ago? Well, the friendly people there are having a contest. And I entered.

The idea was to write a Top Ten list sharing a unique, creative and informative insight into living in your chosen country. I couldn't resist writing about the 'Top Ten Life Lessons the French Have Taught Me'.

The contest is live on the Expats Blog website now and lasts for only a few days. The prizes are pretty good, too. I would love to win some do-re-mi so I can buy P-Daddy a case of peanut butter from amazon.com!

This is where I ask for your help, right? Right. All I need you to do is to share my Top Ten list through Twitter, Facebook and any other way you see fit. But only if you like it, which I sincerely hope you do. And if you feel like commenting on my post on their site, please do that too.

If those links up there weren't enough, click here. I hope you enjoy my hard-earned life lessons.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Living France April Issue

I'm delighted to tell you that I am the featured expat foodie in the April issue of Living France magazine.

{April issue}

It's on UK newsstands if, like me, you like to feel your magazines, in app form for your tablet, or online where you can buy a single print issue or a yearly subscription.

'Living France is the indispensible source of information and inspiration for those who are passionate about moving to France, or who already live there. It is the perfect combination of sumptuous guides to destinations across the country, comprehensive expert advice on the practical aspects of moving and living there, and fascinating stories from expats already living the life they have always dreamed of across the Channel. Living France is published 13 times a year.' {Living France website}

Get your hands on the April issue and let me know if you think mine is a 'fascinating story from an expat already living the life they have always dreamed of...'!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Far, Far Away

One of the troubles with living far from home is that when things happen, as they will, you are, well...far, far away.

This past weekend I was faced with the worst case scenario of far far away when my dad became very ill from complications following back surgery. Complications escalated into full throttle as he fought for life and some very difficult decisions demanded to be made. My sister, who lives six hours from him, rushed back to his bedside. I could only call and thankfully, FaceTime while we cried, weighed options, and had to make the hardest decision of anyone's life. The hardest decision. No question.

Thanks to the time difference, I was on middle-of-the-night duty. Well, I put myself on it and tried to believe that it made some kind of difference to anything at all as I called every three hours for updates while my sister, living on East Texas time, tried to sleep.

Who knows why, it's one of those bizarre mysteries, but against it all and proving the doctor that told me I was going to have to 'call it' over the phone on Friday, my dad has made it. He is one tough, opinionated, stubborn old nut. (That description will thrill him when he's able to read this, by the way.)
He has surprised everyone. His regular doctor had tears in his eyes when he realized the extent of his improvement. I owe Dad some posts. Before he got so sick, he specifically asked that I write about the last two chateaux we visited back in October. I will write them for him, as soon as he's ready to read them.

Being far, far away has its wonders and joys and I wouldn't trade it for another life. But when things like this happen, I am so grateful for technology. For connections like this blog, texting, email and most of all, video devices like FaceTime. I was able to talk to my dad using FT. My sister took her phone into his ICU room and he heard my voice, smiled, mouthed my name. He knows I'm calling the hospital in the middle of the night Texas time. He knows I am thinking of him every minute. He knows that even though I'm in France and so far away that I am still with him.

PS Do you have a living will? Does someone know your wishes and have a legal voice to express them should you not be able to?