Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Expats Blog Contest

Do you remember my tell-all interview (I'm feeling very dramatic today aren't I?) over on Expats Blog a couple of weeks ago? Well, the friendly people there are having a contest. And I entered.

The idea was to write a Top Ten list sharing a unique, creative and informative insight into living in your chosen country. I couldn't resist writing about the 'Top Ten Life Lessons the French Have Taught Me'.

The contest is live on the Expats Blog website now and lasts for only a few days. The prizes are pretty good, too. I would love to win some do-re-mi so I can buy P-Daddy a case of peanut butter from amazon.com!

This is where I ask for your help, right? Right. All I need you to do is to share my Top Ten list through Twitter, Facebook and any other way you see fit. But only if you like it, which I sincerely hope you do. And if you feel like commenting on my post on their site, please do that too.

If those links up there weren't enough, click here. I hope you enjoy my hard-earned life lessons.


  1. Hooray! That was fantastic! Great writing and all of your points are perfect. :)
    Nice photo too...

  2. Well done. Just left a VERY ADMIRATIVE message in the comment section after your list. Don't want to repeat it here. It might make you big-headed (you are a proud Texan after all!) :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Great list. I shared it on Facebook.

    1. Thank you Michel. I should have had #10 as #1, you're right.

  4. You nailed that one, Aidan. Loved it and shared it. xo


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