Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream

This post is for Michel of Sablet House, a regular commenter and official new friend. It all started when I lamented the dearth of BIG jars of peanut butter chez France. Thank you, thank you Michel and Shirley!

If you're not an American, and maybe even if you are, you may not get this PB love. But P-Daddy seriously loves it. And as a consequence, maybe of its unicorn-horn scarcity, so do the kids. They also love the sometimes bag of crunchy, finger caking Cheetos sent by the Beau-Parents. If we lived at home, maybe we wouldn't crave these things. Maybe we wouldn't even notice. Another example of my you-always-want-what-you-can't-have consumer envy comes from the advertisements in my American magazines. They make me want to try things. They might do it to you too, only you can simply head over to Target and get yourself some spray-on lotion if you fancy it. And fancy it, I did. I can't say why, other than it sounded cool, a fun time saver. I digress, but this is to show you how we miss certain American things.

Back to the Peanut Butter. Michel and his lovely wife Shirley thought to bring me some, carrying two super sized jars of it in their luggage from California to France. We met yesterday to do the drop off. They are the sweetest people and I am thankful to have met them, am happy to know people from all over with all their varied and interesting histories and lives, glancing off mine and making it fuller.

As soon as I got home with the loot, slices of bread went into the toaster. The butter knife thick with creamy peanut butter, we slathered it recklessly on warm toast and varnished it with a top coat of creamy honey. The Littlest likes sliced bananas on top of his. We ate it happily, greedily, oohs of gratitude for Michel and Shirley coming from our sticky mouths.

The feast or famine mentality has hit. I hid one of the jars and will ration it when the time comes, but for now we are indulging. Last night, after the kids were in bed, I remembered a recipe that I found the last time we had big jars of PB. It is so simple, yet so good. (I can't remember where I found it, even tried to find it again so I could share the link. Maybe I imagined seeing it, I don't know.)

I whipped it up and P-Daddy and I spooned it in, umming and licking our lips in clandestine enjoyment of this special treat. I will make it for the kids, too. Of course I will. And I am also sharing it with you.

Quick Peanut Butter & Chocolate 'Ice Cream'

jar of creamy or crunchy peanut butter
your favorite chocolate ice cream
individual glass cups or small single serving bowls (you know how the French love to serve things in these little jars? what's happening to me?!)

Then, all you do is scoop a round ball of chocolate ice cream (we like dark) into the cup and cover with two tablespoons of peanut butter. Kind of spread it over the chocolate making a pretty layered icing with it. Then, cover right on the pb with a disk of parchment paper so it won't get all freezer funky and put the cups in the freezer. Wait as long as you can for the pb to get cold and then eat it while your kids are in bed, surreptitiously sneaking a bit of grown-up happiness undisturbed.

Or you can make as many as you like and  serve them to everyone for dessert. You're probably better at sharing than me.


  1. Ah the things we take for granted, I totally get you :) Even though I betcha I'd still be craving my French cheese if I were lucky to move back over there for good (working on it lol), but I would also miss some of the conveniences and products that the US has to offer. Who is the corn muffin mix fan in the family? Your ice cream recipe sounds delicious and is on my list ;)

  2. I'm glad you were able to indulge your passion for PB. I remember seeing those big jars somewhere but I can't remember where now. I think it was a one-off special offer though.

  3. I'm hearing you, Aidan. It was like us and Vegemite. Although we don't eat that on ice cream. Bleugh.
    Did you use the Carte D'or ice-cream? I love that stuff, and miss it so much. I bet when you get home and go to make this again you'll be missing the ice cream instead! Life isn't fair. x x x

  4. We are so happy you and your family are enjoying the peanut butter. We truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know you a little when we met up to do the exchange. Knowing how much pleasure the PB has brought your family makes the effort well worth while. Your recipe sounds like a tasty take off of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups which are by far and away my favorite American candy bar. I will be trying your recipe for sure. Have a great week Aidan.

  5. Here I am finally catching up with your blog and what do I see but a mention of my favorite and badly missed Cheetos?! Always a rare treat, and completely junky, but missed. :-) Glad to see you've gotten much joy from the peanut butter....who wouldn't?

  6. I've always said....

    "You can take the girl out of Texas but you can never take Texas out of the girl!"

    Enjoy your PB love.

    All the best


    P.S. I get the same way about Coleman's English mustard, I'm ashamed to say!

  7. I can completely relate - as a new expat to China, peanut butter is what I was most concerned about. Fortunately, I can buy it here, but it will cost the equivalent of $10 US minimum! Needless to say, I will have my husband stuff his luggage with it during US business trips! It is the staple of my diet!

  8. Hello! You can buy the smooth and crunchy PB in France - usually at the 'rayon ├ętranger' at local supermarkets :)


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