Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paris Sur Vespa, 2 Wheel Tours

I'm an optimistic sort, as you know. As the days get longer (they have, have you noticed?) and sunshine teases us with soft bisous on our cheeks, I think of Spring. I know it's coming. It always does. Romantic Springy thoughts turn to Paris. Everyone talks about it. Paris. In the Springtime, April in Paris. You've heard the songs.

So, I ask you, what better way to see Paris, in the printemps, or any time for that matter, than on a Vespa?

A Vespa?! Why, what a marvelous idea.

Yes.Yes, it is.

It is Xavier of 2 Wheel Tours, Paris by Scooter's idea . He is a charming, professional, English speaking Parisien who will show you the sights of Paris and even out to Versailles, following along behind him on a Vespa. You can hop on with him, holding on like a romantic movie heroine, scarf billowing behind you, or you can rent your own. Either way, I think there is probably no better way to get around Paris. Especially in the Springtime.


The lovely Ella Coquine wrote about her 2 Wheel Paris tour here and while she was cold (it was the middle of winter) she still had nothing but wonderful things to say about Xavier and his business.

I have to admit I'd like a re-do of the Bestie Paris trip just so we can ride on Vespas with Xavier! I would love to see Bestie A on the back, holding onto Xavier while Bestie K and I relived our Italian tandem bike experience sur Vespa. Or maybe P-Daddy and I could hop on the train again and follow along behind Xavier, getting an insider's view of the Paris we've never seen. I would love to bump happily down Montmartre's hill while scooted all close up to P-Daddy; billowing scarf included.

{2 Wheel Tours' Vanilla Vespa, Ella Coquine}
If you'd like to turn your own Vespa-touring through Paris fantasy into a reality, just let Xavier know.
Have you booked your tickets yet? Paris is waiting...


  1. ooh my how fab......I've always fancied the idea but been a bit scared to have a go!!

  2. Thanks a lot for your post Aidan,
    Hope to see you in Paris,


  3. I am a romantic and usually quite adventuresome and while I think that riding a vespa around Paris with my beloved would be quite a romantic idea, I'm not sure the romance would last long with me driving a vespa while trying to dodge the crazy Parisians in their cars. Have a great day.

  4. Bonjour Aidan. Xavier sounds like a pro, but LADY do you want to get these people killed?! Riding "un deux roues" in Paris goes right up there in my book with committing suicide. Unless you take that tour at 3:00am, I would recommend wearing two helmets, and dress like... the Michelin Man. That *might* keep you safe until you reach the finish line! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Oh, Veronique, the Michelin Man! Both of you ladies have made me smile today, Aidan with the image of me on a Vespa sans husband with a Parisian named Xavier ;) , Veronique with that replaced by one of me dressed up like Bibendum rolling across a roundabout! I will have to add this one to the "when back in France" list...

  5. Well, I have done the Vélib thing braving everything from the many lanes of Blvd Malsherbes to the narrow rues with parked cars and delivery trucks. We even rode across Champs Elysées (singing that tune) and Pont Alexandre III. If I were to take Xavier's zoom-zooms I would want to be a rider on the back and not the driver. The scarf would be a nice addition!

    What a great idea! Merci beaucoup.


  6. I-Yi-Yi!!!!! I agree with Veronique....the end to a good life. My daughter, the orthopedic surgeon calls the riders of Vespas (and other motorbikes), "organ donors". Take care....


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