Monday, January 14, 2013

Pink Fizz

I made up a cocktail. It's tasty.

At first I didn't have a name for it and thought I would leave it to you to give it one. And then I had the Bons Amies over for dinner on Friday night and made it for them. And they loved it.

We played a tasting game with it where they tried to determine what was inside and La Bonne Amie got two out of three ingredients, no problem. Then I asked them what they thought of some names I'd thought of for it, Pomegranate Papillion, Bubbly Grenade, Fizzy Swizzy. They offered a couple of their own, Martini Rose, Grenade Martini. But none hit the mark like Pink Fizz. And so it was.

We had more than one, some of us more than even two. (Monsieur Bon Ami, I'm looking at you!) My invention turned out to be a hit. For the rest of the night we all kept shouting, 'Pink Fizz!' It was fun.

I thought you'd like to try it too.  Here's the recette.

Pink Fizz makes one cocktail so alter your glugs accordingly if you want to make a bigger batch. If glugs make you nervous, use a shot glass. The result will be the same.

2 glugs (count to two as you pour) Martini Bianco 
1 glug pomegranate juice, not nectar, not grenadine, but the juice
2-3 glugs of Champagne on top, or Cava or Prosecco, as you wish

Mix and serve.
It's the perfect resolution cocktail thanks to the healthy, choc-full of anti-oxidant pomegranate juice, plus it's not too sweet. Lo cal, if you like.

You could go super fizzy fanciful and tap some pomegranate seeds over the top or even rim the glass with pink sugar before pouring. It's up to you.

One word about the Martini Bianco for the Americans out there who (like me) used to only think of it as 'vermouth', a dash of something at the bottom of a vodka or gin martini glass and never as an aperitif in its own right. It's delicious; a bit bitter with a hint of vanilla, slightly herby. It is the Southern European woman's go-to cocktail, all by itself over ice.

Enjoy some Pink Fizz. Bon Santé!


  1. Sounds like Summer! Maybe I can make my cold Winter day green and balmy if I make this.
    I will have to try the Martini Bianco over ice. Sounds delicious.

  2. Sounds very tasty. We will try it next time we have les amis over for aperitifs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ah, a healthy cocktail. J'adore martini blanco over ice with a twist of lemon; mixed with champagne and pomegranate juice sounds much nicer! xo Karen

  4. Mmmmm! Will definitely have to try this - one of my favorite drinks is the "Poinsettia" (champagne and pomegranate juice)!
    By the by, I nominated your blog for The Liebster Award. Come visit to see what it is:


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