Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Things

Here are some somethings.

Something I've screwed up:
I was talking to Mme Bon Amie about something I wanted to show her, but instead of saying, 'If you'd like, I can show you' like a normal person, I said, 'If you'd like, I can mount you'. The problem is in the similarity of the verbs, Montrer, to show versus Monter, to mount or go up like stairs. The image of me climbing on top of my friend springs to mind. The upside to this story is that I figured out my mistake as soon as I'd said it. Which I consider progress.

Something I've been eating:
Chickpea, sweet onion and tuna salad with cilantro. 


Something I've finally finished:
We finally got all the kids' paperwork in order, believe me there was a lot of back and forth on this one, and took them in to the Prefecture. We waited three hours and the kids were remarkably patient and now we have their happy, little French kid visas in their blue American passports. Done.
Something I've been doing:
I have a slight jogging addiction. When it's good, it's real good.  And lately, I've been riding (monter) the elusive high. I'm using Nike Plus coach for a Half-Marathon as a running schedule to follow, figuring if I train for 13 miles then my usual 6.2 will be like a walk in the park. Makes sense, huh? I use Nike+GPS to track my runs and it's super fun to see the little path light up when you've finished. If you're on and want to share runs let me know. I'm supposed to run 7 miles today. Are you with me?


Something I've been waiting for:
We have been asked to be on a little show. And we've said yes. But now we're waiting for the permission of our French landlord. That's all I will divulge for now.

Something I've been reading:
I just finished The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy. It was quick and easy; serious history mixed in with first world problems. And there are recipes at the end. Super idea. 


Something I've been drinking:
Pina Coladas made with Malibu rum with P-Daddy on the terrace for apero. It feels a bit warmer than it really is these on these cloudy, sprinkly April days.


What about you? What have you been doing?


  1. I enjoyed your somethings post and was especially interested in the book as I'm looking for another good read. I've just finished the lovely 'Lunch in Paris' which also has recipes.

  2. Okay, I'm trying to figure out which show. Deco?

  3. I bet your friend had a good laugh over your error. :)

    I won't be offering to job with you, sorry... :) Hate jogging too much and me knees, oooh me knees... :D

  4. Language confusion can be hilarious, and I know too well how it feels. Your post made me think about something that happened to me some time ago when I was also a foreigner in France..

    mlle norvegienne-Do you have a shrimp that goes with this shirt



  5. Running. No. (And good for you, by the way, to keep it up.) Not running anymore, but planning to make one more stab at it when we get to France. Which is in 28 days! Aaaaahhhh! So I've been finishing a TEFL course and weeding through household goods. I prefer running:-)

  6. If you'd like I can mount you? Ha ha, dying laughing at that one. That's sooo funny. For the prefecture stuff, right there with you babe, I am so sick of that paperwork and I'm still waiting! Can't wait to hear about the show, good luck!

  7. HA!!!! My French tutor ask me once when I was going to Paris. Instead of saying , "I'm going to Paris in winter", I said, "I'm going to Paris drunk." well that probably wasn't too far from the truth either! :)

    Thanks for sharing that great story.

  8. Ah, linguistic misunderstandings... They happen to all of us. A few months after we moved to Seattle, I went to the local supermarket and asked the bemused butcher: "Do you have a coq, please?" -- All conversations at the counter stopped. Everyone seemed utterly relieved once he had me clarify I needed a special chicken for the coq au vin I was planning to cook that weekend ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. Nothing so exciting. Getting ready to go away on holidays. Certainly no running or shows or mounting anyone! Have a Pina Colada for me, they sound divine!

  10. Are you going to do any races soon?! Come to Paris and we can do one together! I haven't tried the Nike app yet, but every time I see your run update on Twitter I think about checking it out. Have you tried any of Hal Higdon's programs? I used it to get ready for the Paris marathon and thought his schedule was great, especially for a beginner like me. He has programs for every level and distance too. Enjoy those pina coladas!

  11. No I will not run seven miles with you but I will drink pina coladas with you x

  12. Malibu rum is deeee-lish. It is my weeknight liquor as it goes with all of my favorite juices!

  13. To show you; to mount you...

    Simple Texan error, non? I bet it happens all the time?

    Nice to see that you've not become too normal in your old age - keep up the good work!

    All the best



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