Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Hotting Up

Man, oh man is it hot. And oh how I love it. I will now write a love note to the heat....

Dearest Warmth,

When I left you far, far away in Texas I had no idea what I was doing. Sure you can be a bit overbearing and demanding down there, but I missed you just the same. I spent years searching for you and dreaming of how wonderful you are. It was one day in Ireland, as I jogged down the promenade, that your loss hit me. I wasn't sweating. Not a drop. And then I realized how long it'd been since I had shed even the tiniest bead of sweat. I would pay good money to sit in the sauna just to be close to you again. I dreamed of spending holidays in places where I knew you'd be too. But, oh how I longed for more.
And now that we've been reunited, I promise I will never leave you again. My only sadness is I know that the winter must come. I won't think about that now. No, not now. Not while we're so happy together. Not while the kids walk around in swimsuits, dark brown skin and bare feet. Not while I feel completely warm in a tank top and shorts, no need for a cardigan, just in case. No, not now.
Now I will bask in your presence, enjoy the warm sea, sleep under the buzz of the fan and jump in ma petite piscine to cool off.
We were made for each other, mon amour.

Yours truly,

Thank you for indulging my silliness. I hope you feel warm wherever you are. Or not if you prefer.


  1. I could have written this post! The six years I spent in Dublin I mourned the loss of my Texas sun and heat, and now that Provence has turn the summer switch on... holy cr*p!! Damn it sweats so good :-)

  2. I know lady, I know. It's good stuff, huh?
    I don't ever want to be cold again!
    Did you ever swim in the Irish Sea?


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