Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Enfin, I am connected

At last! My Internet is connected. I've spent two weeks in the 20th century, back when we didn't use this new-fangled thing my friend Kristin likes to call the 'interweb'.
Have I missed it? Yes and no. I've missed having a thought like, 'what's that guy's name who was in that movie?' and being able to hop onto www.imdb.com to find out. I've missed writing and posting this blog. And I've missed reading my favorite fellow bloggers' thoughts and goings on. Oh, and skype, I really missed skype.
I have not missed all the time I used to waste sifting through one stream of consciousness thing to another. Instead, I've been doing things. Playing with the Baby more, unpacking boxes, scrubbing these old tile floors.
Now I'm going to use my online time more wisely. I'm going to shop at the store rather than the website (pictures of Ikea stuff never show you what it's like in real life and the 50 cent hot dogs are good), do Facebook only from the phone, maybe indulge in a little DWTS on youtube, and post like there's no tomorrow.
So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. We've moved house, bought furniture, started school, seen horse meat at the grocery store, enjoyed boxed pink wine.... If I'd done as my beloved suggested and written backup posts to have at the ready for this day then you'd be reading about all of that. Alas, I am not that organized so you'll just have to wait. I hope you will wait.
Je reviendrai....................

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