Monday, April 19, 2010

The Bus

I have to give you an update on the Fisherman's bus. It was a beautiful weekend so of course the grill was going next door and his family and friends just kept coming. All to look at the bus I assumed.

We went shopping all day on Saturday and when we got back a transformation was taking place. The bus windows were papered over and taped, it had been primed with an undercoat of white paint, and the laughter and talk competed with the noise of the power sprayer as it covered the bottom half of the bus in a very Springy lime green.
It was a bus painting party!

It lasted all weekend and seemed so fun that I was tempted to try my nascent French and ask to join them. Instead, I checked for progress every once in a while, discreetly looking out my bathroom window.

This morning, just now, a mighty rumbling started. The caterpillar turned butterfly was leaving the premises. The Fisherman guided and directed the exit up the narrow, steep drive and off it flew. I wonder if he feels lonely now. Everyone gone and the bus along with them.

We're leaving here next week to move to our permanent house. Who knows what intriguing happenings I'm going to miss. And the lovely whistling too.


  1. Tell us about the new house!

  2. If I see the lime green bus pass through Aix, I'll let you know! Yes, I want to hear about the new house too. I'm sure you'll have more interesting neighbors. I certainly always have!


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